An Open Letter to My Dearest Elementary School Friend

 An Open Letter to My Dearest Elementary School Friend,

I am so incredibly thankful to have had you in my life for twenty-three years. Thank you for loving karaoke and the game of Candy Land even more than me. Yes, you get salty sometimes, but don’t we all? No one is perfect, but you are as close as it gets. We’ve known each other for 23 years now, and that’s actually pretty crazy. You are one of my dearest friends, without a doubt. Though we live two states away, our distance doesn’t separate us. It doesn’t matter that we only talk occasionally because our friendship isn’t defined by the parameters of this crazed documentation society. We are bound by a connection higher than texts. You know me better than I know myself.

I am so proud of you. You have grown so much from a little girl into a grown woman with two children. You are an incredibly beautiful, strong young woman. Your creativity with fashion is now shown in the bakery business. I’m tearing up now, and I miss you so much. I hope I’m lucky enough to see you soon. If not, don’t forget about me and the downfalls in life you’ve already overcome. I love seeing the pictures of your cute little house and dogs and children on social media.  I have been there for me through the good and bad times in my life. We have grown together, but not apart, and I doubt I would have made it this far without you. So, this one’s for you, and the unexplained connection we have. I love you, soul-friend, and I love the friendship we share.

 To my elementary school friend, Emily, I am so grateful to have you in my life. I have no idea what I do without you. You understand me more than anyone will ever know. Our time spent together from kindergarten up until now has been a journey. Emily, thank you for helping me stand up to bullies at school, helping me through my parent’s divorce, going through my first heartbreak, helping me with my dog Gracie’s first litter of Shih Tzu puppies, and bringing a smile on my face. My life would not be the same without you.

Published by Allistar Banks-Author

Allistar Banks is a multi-genre author of several books ranging from children to young adult fiction. A Professional Pet Sitter by day, novelist by night, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Lander University. A McCormick, SC native, she is a lover of southern cuisine, the mountains, local art, and history.

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