Sarah Crossroads Gets Ready for Prom!

Sarah and Michelle go shopping for prom dresses at the Three Sisters Boutique. The Three Sisters Boutique has a variety of dresses ranging from short, frilly, and long. Sarah and her sister Michelle go looking for a prom dress with Kim, Hannah, Anna, and Michelle’s friends Caroline and Lacey. All of the girls got to try on sleeveless dresses, with sleeves, strapless, halter style, and off the shoulder. The girls feel like princesses as they work on different dresses.

Sarah picks out a shrimp colored dress, which is strapless with a wrap that goes along with it. Michelle spots a gorgeous purple frilly dress with flowers in different places. Kim finds a long blue dress with rhinestones. Anna grabs a solid yellow dress that is knee-length and off the shoulder. Hannah finds a sleeveless black dress. Caroline discovers a strapless emerald green dress with embroidery on the bottom. Lastly, Lacey holds a halter purple dress. All the girls pick out a prom dress to try on.

The first one to try on their dress is Sarah. Sarah walks back to the dressing room and finds an empty stall. She takes off her clothes and slips on the dress. Sarah zips up the size six dress with ease. She opens the booth and heads out of the dressing room to show her sister and friends and Michelle’s friends what she looks like.

Sarah makes it to where Michelle, her friends, and sisters’ friends were. Sarah calls out to everyone to look at her in the prom dress. Michelle hears Sarah and turns around and gasps at the sight of her dress. Michelle thought that Sarah looked like a shrimp and that the clothing washed her skin tone out. Sarah turns red in the face, and she just wants to crawl into a hole and disappear. The Dress Stylist Brenda tells Sarah that the store has many other dresses to try on, and this is not the best dress for you. You are a beautiful girl with a lovely figure, and you should definitely flaunt it in the right colored dress and style. Sarah smiles and starts to feel less insecure. Sarah walks back to the dressing room to strip off the gown and put her clothes back on.

She heads into the dressing room stall and closes the door. Sarah sighs and huffs over the fact that the first dress did not work. The dress fitted her perfectly, but the style was not right for her body and skin tone. Sarah has pale skin and not tan skin, unlike her sister. Michelle would have looked beautiful in the dress due to her tan skin and body type. But Michelle is a size larger than Sarah and wears an eight. Sarah puts back on her capris and floral top and sandals and heads out the stall door to meet up with everyone.

Brenda, the Dress Stylist, tells Sarah that there is a rack of dresses I want us to look at to pick out a handful of dresses to try on. Sarah nodded and said, okay. While Brenda is busy helping out Sarah pick out dresses, Michelle and the girls head back to the fitting room to try on dresses.

Michelle slips on the purple frilly dress, and just as she pulls it up and zips the dress, the dress is too snug. Michelle could not get the zipper to go all the way up. Michelle huffs and puffs at the fact that the suit did not work. So, she slips off the dress and puts her clothes back on. Kim tries on the long blue dress and pulls it up and zips it up with ease. Once Kim got situated in the suit, she felt good wearing it. She hopes that when she looks in the mirror that the way she feels it will be reflected in the long mirror. Anna slips on her yellow dress, and it didn’t go past her thighs. Caroline tries to zip up her dress all the way but gets stuck. Lacey’s dress fit like a glove, and she felt great in it. The girls dress that fits are Kim and Lacey.

Kim and Lacey walk out of the stalls with their dresses on. They want to see how they look in the long mirror. Kim and Lacey walk up to the platform and step on it together, and looks great. The girls were jealous that Kim’s and Lacey’s dresses work.

Now, Sarah is going through the dress rack on the far-right side of the store with Brenda. Sarah sees knee-length, long, and short dresses. Brenda spots a long lavender dress for Sarah to try on. The lavender dress is a halter style with beading that goes down the front. Sarah tells Brenda that she didn’t like the lavender dress because it resembles her a bridesmaid dress rather than a prom dress. Brenda tells her no problem and looks for another dress. Brenda spots a knee-length yellow dress in size six with flowers on the left and right sides. “How about this dress, dear?” “I want to try this one on.” Brenda hands her the dress, and Sarah thanks her and walks to the dressing room to try it on. Sarah makes it to the fitting room to try on the second dress.

Sarah makes it inside of the dressing room stall. She closes the door and slips off her clothes. She unzips the dress and steps in it. Sarah’s body is tone and tight from the consistent dieting and exercising. Sarah pulls up the ballroom gown and zips it with ease. She could feel that the dress felt loose on the sides of her bosom area, which could quickly be taken in. Sarah feels proud of herself that her proper diet and exercising paid off for her prom dress fitting. She is feeling more confident and fuller of energy than ever. Sarah smiles and walks out of the dressing room, feeling good about herself.

Sarah strolls over to the big mirror of the store to get a full look at herself. She looks at herself in the mirror and admires what she sees. The yellow dress fits her body frame just right and doesn’t wash out her skin like the other dress did. Michelle and the girls love the yellow dress. Michelle wants her sister to try on a few more dresses to see which one looks the best. She sighs and tells her sister she can get the chest area taken in. Michelle waves her finger and tells her sister that I want you to look your highest on the most special day of your teenage life. Sarah thinks her sister is making prom too much of a big deal and that there would be many other occasions she could wear a fancy dress to of utmost importance.

Also, Sarah remembered that there is the Catiline that Teresa, her mother, mentioned to her a few weeks ago when she turns eighteen. She will be able to wear a beautiful white dress to symbolize coming of age and going into adulthood. Sarah’s mom, Teresa, had in mind for her to go with Cooper since his parents were well-known in the community and that he would boost her status around town knowing that an Owner of a Banks’ son sees her potential to be a Pro Basketball Player and Sports Psychologist. Sarah did not want to go to the Catiline with Cooper; he is a snob and selfish. Sarah wants to mention to Michelle that she could care less about prom because she is ready to be done with high school and be an independent adult without her mom and dad knowing where she is every minute of every hour. She is tired of being around the same people all the time and wants to be around new people.

Sarah looks around the store once more to find a dress. Hannah, Kim, and Anna already went to prom shopping. Kim bought a short light blue dress, Anna bought a sleeveless black dress with a beaded purse, and Hannah got a red halter dress. Michelle found a suit in the store that is emerald green with a patch of flowers on either side of the dress. Sarah is stuck trying on dresses that would look great at prom.

Sarah grabs a pink and ivory colored dress to try on. The pink dress is knee length with a hint of shimmer, which is strapless. The ivory dress is long and off the shoulder with a matching wrap. Sarah tries on the pink dress first. She zips it up and realizes that the dress is too small. Sarah thought that the gown must have been made small and looks at the size, and it is a size four. So, she unzips the dress and steps into the ivory dress. Sarah zips up the ivory dress with ease and adjusts the off the shoulder sleeve of the dress. All she needs to do now is show everyone the dress.

She shows everyone the dress. Sarah just knew that Michelle and the girls were going to love the ivory dress. Sarah catches Michelle’s eye. Michelle and all of the girls were busy talking, laughing, and texting on their cell phones. Brenda notices Sarah and tells her you to look stunning. Sarah said thank you and hopes that Michelle and everybody else would feel the same way. Brenda reassures Sarah that they would say yes to the dress.

Out of the corner of Michelle’s eye, she sees her sister in the ivory dress. She beams from ear to ear and thought that her sister looks beautiful in the dress. Sarah could tell that this dress is the one for prom from the look on her sister’s face. With that good vibe, all Sarah needed now to complete her look is a purse. So, Michelle and the girls help Sarah find a bag in the store. Kim, Hannah, and Anna see handbags that have a long strap, short strap, handle, and clutches. Caroline and Lacey look to see if they can find a purse for Sarah. From the wall, they notice leather bags, wallets, shoes, and accessories. So, they go over to where Sarah’s friends were. Then, Caroline spots a beaded bag with bright flowers. Lacey saw a gold stitched bag. As everyone looks for Sarah for a purse, Michelle finds the perfect clutch for Sarah. The clasp is cream with a silver shimmer touch to it. Michelle hands Sarah the clutch, and she could not have been anymore happier with her sister’s choice.

Just as Sarah feels excited about her dress and clutch, she looks down at the price tag of the dress, and it costs $500. Sarah only has $250 to spend on a prom dress that her mom gave her. Sarah tells Michelle the price of the dress, and Michelle says to her sister that she has the rest of the money to cover the clothing. Sarah felt terrible that her sister wants to fork out the other half of the dress. Michelle cupped her hand around Sarah’s chin and said, “Baby sister, this is the biggest event of our teenage lives to signify the end of childhood and becoming young ladies.” Sarah sighs and still feels terrible, but she understood the importance of prom. Sarah wants Michelle to promise her to not tell mom that the dress is $500. Michelle swore to not tell mom how much the dress costs if she were to ask.

Sarah and Michelle and their friends make it to the cash register to purchase the dress. Sarah hands her $250 for the dress. Then, Michelle gives the lady her debit card to help pay for the rest. The cashier lady looks up and down at Sarah and Michelle as they pay her for the prom dress. The lady could not believe that the girls could afford a $500 dress. Most high schoolers did not make that much money in a week. “Are you sure you girls want to pay for this dress?” “Yes.” The lady cocks her eyebrow and gives a smirk on her face towards the girls. Just then, the store manager sees the ladies look on her face towards Sarah and Michelle and walks up to her and said, “Now Ms. Travelers, we have customers that want to purchase our dress and clutch, would you please assist these lovely ladies with their purchase.” She snarls at the store manager and turns up her nose. “If you don’t make this transaction and lose the bad attitude, then I am going to demote you.” Ms. Travelers straightens up and takes Michelle’s debit card from her and swipes it to close out the sale, and the girls thank her for serving them. Ms. Travelers gives them a stern look. Sarah and Michelle thank the store manager for straightening up Ms. Travelers, and they cannot wait to show their dresses off at prom.

Just like the scenario with Sarah and Michelle purchasing the dress and clutch from a rude cashier, we should always remember to be kind to others that serve us. When we are kind, we are reminded as compassionate people. Sarah wants to roll her eyes at Ms. Travelers for being rude to her and her sister, but her heart was telling her it is better to show compassion. According to 1 Peters 3:9, Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing because, to this, you were called so that you may inherit a blessing. What this verse means is that you should not seek revenge. You can apply this Bible verse to your life when people are rude to you. To be a blessing towards someone, you give off compassion and kindness. Doing a kind act spreads service, which teaches someone to be kind.

Sarah hugs and squeezes her sister tight for helping her pay for the dress. Michelle tells Sarah that it wasn’t a problem and that she wants her little sister to look beautiful on her big day. Her friends are excited for Sarah to celebrate her junior prom, which signifies her being an upperclassman. Then, Hannah mentions to Sarah, “I wish I could fit into your dress.” Kim looks at her ivory dress and wishes that she could fit into a size six. Anna would love to afford Sarah’s dress. Sarah shakes her head and thought that Hannah’s dress looks great. Just as they all were about to get into their cars. Sarah saw two of the hottest seniors in high school named Max and Steve.

Published by Allistar Banks-Author

Allistar Banks is a multi-genre author of several books ranging from children to young adult fiction. A Professional Pet Sitter by day, novelist by night, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Lander University. A McCormick, SC native, she is a lover of southern cuisine, the mountains, local art, and history.

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