Prayers for Feeling Insecure

Help me break free from insecurity. I acknowledge that I’ve listened to the voice of Satan more than I’ve paid attention to your truth. Lord, help me understand and know that I am loved and entirely made. Give me Your Spirit to help me see when I am listening to lies instead of Your truth.


Help me to let go of feeling “less than.” I renounce and repent the sin of insecurity. Lord, help me to listen to you instead of Satan’s lies about me. Help me to understand that Satan and his demons are liars. Give me your Holy Spirit to set me on fire and refresh my soul with the light of God. Assist me in setting my site on the things above and not on the Earth.


Published by Allistar Banks-Author

Allistar Banks is a multi-genre author of several books ranging from children to young adult fiction. A Professional Pet Sitter by day, novelist by night, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Lander University. A McCormick, SC native, she is a lover of southern cuisine, the mountains, local art, and history.

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