Like Grandmother Like Granddaughter


In many ways, Alli is like her grandmother. Alli’s grandmother has a strong opinion, independent, quiet, and reserved personality. She can take the world by storm with her cooking. Unlike Alli’s grandmother, Alli is just like her except that she can’t cook as well as she can.

Alli does not know how my grandma does what she does. Alli felt that she was not prepared to see me graduate from elementary, high school, and college because she wanted to hold me in her arms forever. One moment Alli goes from her grandmother, braiding her long thick hair and curling it in hot rollers to a mature young lady with a modern hairdo. Alli’s grandma saw that her granddaughter took life seriously just like she did, but in her heart, she wanted Alli to enjoy life. 

Alli’s grandma got married when she was a teenager, and Alli wished she could have found her college sweetheart, but life had different plans for her. God positioned Alli to focus on her college career, establishing her first job and developing relationships so he could prepare her to have a love life. 

While the Universe continued to revolve, Alli’s grandma was excited to see where life would take Alli once she got to college. Alli encountered obstacles, living on her own for the first time, making friends with new people, learning how to study on her own, and balancing her budget. The hardest thing to learn was juggling multiple assignments at a time. Alli really had to buckle down and jot down everything on a calendar to keep up with her course work. With the challenge of college life, Alli was excited about the next chapter of her life. 

What surprised Alli about her grandmother was that she wasn’t always the skinny kid. She told Alli she was chubby until she was fourteen years old. It shocked Alli because her grandmother was still slim and trim. She would wear the prettiest pantsuits, high heels, sweaters, and scarfs Alli had ever seen. Alli’s grandma would look like a supermodel that just hit the runway. Her grandma wore a size two when she got married, and Alli couldn’t imagine slipping on a size two dress because it wouldn’t go past her calf. Due to Alli’s surprise about her grandma, Alli realized that she was like her.

What has helped her grandmother for so many years to stay slim and trim was eating five small meals a day? Alli would watch her grandma eat saltine crackers with peanut butter, vegetable soup with a salad, lean sausage with whole-grain toast and cheese, and more. Just typical simple food she ate for her diet surprised Alli because she thought she would have to go all out and get some particular diet cookbook. Alli thought most diet cookbooks required too many steps or fancy ingredients. Alli liked simple cookbooks that you have the ingredients in your home to make the recipe. Simple food equaled results for her grandma.

Alli surprised herself when she got to college that she didn’t put on the freshmen fifteen when she was a transfer sophomore. Living at home for a year helped Alli to pick up on good eating habits, and being the consciousness and perfectionist person that she was, it enabled her to prepare for fixing meals away from home. Alli’s grandma taught her granddaughter the five small meal tricks for days that Alli did not have time to fix large meals. Grandma saved the day for Alli when she showed her to eat five small meals throughout the day to stay healthy.

 5 Small Meals A Day Plan

Here is the Step by Step Plan:

1. Five meals equal breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. Schedule eating every two to three hours. 

2. Stock up. Face it: The food to stock up on is veggies, fruit, healthy carbs, lean proteins, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and almond milk. 

If you have an intolerance to gluten, then almond flour would be an alternative.

3. Taste of Food. 

4. Whip up a smoothie. Unlike Alli’s grandma, Alli threw in the smoothie idea because she liked to drink smoothies for breakfast a lot in the summertime because of their crisp and refreshing taste. Alli would usually blend fruit, milk, yogurt, nut butter, chia seed, and a little honey, which creates a balance of fiber, protein, and calcium.

5. Combine carbs and protein to stay full. Try whole-wheat toast with nut butter or an egg; oatmeal with fruit, milk, honey, or whole-grain rice with chicken stir fry.

When it came to mingling with new people as a transfer student, Alli would stay behind the scenes like her grandma did in college. Her grandma wasn’t a big social butterfly and did not get heavily involved with sororities, sports, and the like. Alli did the same just as she did by not being involved in organizations, sports, and the like because she wanted to keep her life private. But when junior year of college rolled around, it was a new ball game for Alli. She had to be involved in T.V., radio, the newspaper, and the film club. She went from being behind the scenes into being in front of the stage. 

But what kept Alli’s grandmother’s soul alive was the love of music. She loved the piano and singing. Her grandma had the voice of an angel. Her view was so beautiful when she sang to Alli as a baby but kept it a secret from others, which broke Alli’s heart. Going from behind the scenes into the spotlight was a challenge but worth the while.

Throughout most of Alli’s life, she would compare her weight to her grandmothers. Alli wished she could have had her figure and not have a slightly thicker body frame. Alli wouldn’t have to worry about zipping up her jeans and sucking in her stomach at the same time. Alli’s grandmother was always graceful and confident in herself; Alli just did not know how to find her inner grace and confidence.

Published by Allistar Banks-Author

Allistar Banks is a multi-genre author of several books ranging from children to young adult fiction. A Professional Pet Sitter by day, novelist by night, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Lander University. A McCormick, SC native, she is a lover of southern cuisine, the mountains, local art, and history.

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