Day 21 Affirmation

Five years ago, I thought the whole world was going to cave in. I was a struggling college graduate, drowned in student loan debt, searching for love in all of the wrong places, and I just landed my second internship after graduating from college in 2013.

I thought with all of my heart there was a job in marketing with the company I was with but there wasn’t an opening. My heart was broken and now I’m left jobless. No money to help put food on the table and pay the bills. Just then in that moment the one thing that always gave me joy was taking care of animals.

With caring for animals in mind, I researched pet care, and millions of things popped up, and I came across pet sitting services. I thought this was pretty cool and clicked on one link after another of how to go about providing professional pet sitting services and I came up with pet sitting services that ranged from dog walking to pet taxi. That’s when I formed a blueprint of my business called Growls and Meows Pet Services.

Once I had a website and social media pages, I went to work and looked up pet job apps and networked with chambers and so forth, and I landed my first client off of We formed a relationship that I would never forget. She taught me the value of a home, how to appreciate the small.things in life, and that you’re not alone in the world when it comes to hard times, especially death. She lit a fire in my heart to keep striving on and to not give up.

I don’t where I would be today with my small business of professional pet sitting and writing books if it wasn’t for my first pet client I had. The first positive review from her gave me the confirmation I needed to keep working towards what God wants me to do for his people.

I hope you enjoyed my story today. Please give me a like, share, or comment. I hope you have a blessed day and remember you are not alone.

Published by Allistar Banks-Author

Allistar Banks is a multi-genre author of several books ranging from children to young adult fiction. A Professional Pet Sitter by day, novelist by night, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Lander University. A McCormick, SC native, she is a lover of southern cuisine, the mountains, local art, and history.

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