Funny Story for the Day…

I was going to grab a serving of punch bowl cake and I took the aluminum foil off of the glass bowl and my boyfriend has eaten mostly all the cake except for one serving. I got a little bit of cake and vanilla pudding filling and fruit and whipped topping. It’s one of my favorite healthy desserts. It’s very simple and easy all you do is layer angel food cake, strawberries, pineapple chunks, bananas, sugar-free fat-free vanilla pudding mix, lite whipped topping made with cream cheese and you’re done.

I’ll have to post the recipe later for punch bowl cake. I thought it was too funny not to share with all of you guys. Take care and stay safe and healthy.

Published by Allistar Banks-Author

Allistar Banks is a prolific author, having published five books in the last two years. She is best known for personal development books that teach weight management and self-care to women. She is now honored to be on a future broadcast with the CBS Sunday Morning Show for her children’s book called A Colorful Balloon Ride, which teaches one to five-year-old’s their colors. She has been featured in the Index-Journal, The Press and Banner, McCormick Messenger, and interviewed on WZLA 92.9FM. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, Pilates, pet sitting, playing with her terrier mix Sylvia, top 40 music, bowling, museums, local plays, and food and wine. She can be reached at via email at

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