A Colorful Balloon Ride

A write-up by Nupur Biswal

A Colorful Balloon Ride written by Ms. Allistar Banks and illustrated by Ms. Kaelen Felix is a wonderful book that will help toddlers learn about colors.

One day Mary saw a colorful hot air balloon in the sky, it had many different colors just like rainbow. Mary was so excited and started chasing it which landed up in the fairground. Then Mr. John took them on a balloon ride in which Mary & her friend Emily ended up learning about various colors.

The story takes the readers in a beautiful ride discovering various colors found in a fairground. Author has a done marvelous job in combining the fun elements of a fairground and colors. Children will absolutely enjoy reading this book and in the process they will also remember the colors by associating it to their favorite animals, bird, and fruits. It’s a very clever way to memorize the colors and will definitely help toddlers.

My children were mesmerized by the illustrations. The vibrant pictures in the book are delightful and captivating, which will definitely grab the attention of small children and make them sit still throughout the book reading.

This book can be an essential educational tool in daycare’s or pre-school’s in teaching colors to small children. This is a fun treat to nature story which helps toddlers explore the seven colors of the rainbow. This can be a great bedtime story as well. I highly recommend this book for toddlers.
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Author Allistar Banks
Illustrator Kaelen Felix
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