How to Tackle the Seven Behaviors of Self Sabotage

A Christian based program for women in their 30s to release self sabotaging behaviors. Let’s bring healing to the seven self sabotaging behaviors of fear, shame, bitterness, uncontrolled thoughts, hopelessness, compulsion, and insecurity.

Messages to My Younger Self to Nourish Your Heart and Soul!

Imagine receiving a message that would support you in making a life-changing decision? At some time in your life, you probably uttered the words “I wish I knew that when I was younger!” You may have looked at your life wondering what it would be like if only you had known a particular thing. TheContinue reading “Messages to My Younger Self to Nourish Your Heart and Soul!”

Messages to My Younger Self Release!!

Hello all! My latest book I co-authored with Carnelian Moon Publishing called Messages to My Younger Self I feature two chapters called Food Will Not Solve Your Problems and Quit Comparing Yourself to Others. I want to leave a legacy with my words to inspire others to have a healthy relationship with food and toContinue reading “Messages to My Younger Self Release!!”