Girl, Rise Front Book Cover

Meet Alli, a girl who lost herself along the way, until one day she broke free and discovered who she was meant to be all along.

Cracking The Happy Weight Code Book Cover

The goal of Cracking the Happy Weight Code is to crack the code to finding peace and joy about your body image and weight through understanding the right mindset, proper nutrition, exercise, and also using biblical principles to choose healthy foods over junk food.

A Colorful Balloon Ride Book Cover

Teaches toddlers their colors on Mary and Emily’s hot air balloon ride around the County Fair with Mr. John.

Lenny the Lizard and His Green Scarf

Sharing is caring with Lenny the Lizard as he shares his green scarf with his woodland friends to help them feel happy.

Spring Brings Summer Book Cover

The author captures her favorite memories of spring and summer through rich and bold oil paint illustrations to get the reader excited about spring and summer.

Cooking and eating with diabetes can be tedious and frustrating. No more. I have 40 Recipes to Tackle Diabetes that will take away your worries about carbohydrates, blood sugar, and choosing the best ingredients. Your life will be much simpler, and you’ll eat foods that have flavor. Written by an author who has had experience cooking for her mother’s with diabetes, it focuses on nutrient-rich whole foods that are fresh, filling, and inexpensive. Enjoy dishes everyone will love, like pancakes, fajitas, burgers, smoothies, spaghetti and meatballs made with spaghetti squash, and even desserts. Every recipe comes with nutritional information to help guide diabetics to a healthier lifestyle. The goal of the cookbook is to help you crush the trouble of cooking with diabetes in forty days.

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