That’s a Wrap for the 90 Day Affirmation Challenge!

Hi everyone! As promised I have compiled the ninety affirmations from May 1 until July 29th since the start of the pandemic for all of you guys to read and meditate on and speak out loud to give yourself a positive boost to get through your day when things seem tough right now in ourContinue reading “That’s a Wrap for the 90 Day Affirmation Challenge!”

Zoe Life CCP Collaboration Author Spotlight

Join me as I tell about my journey as an author and how I came up with the ideas for my children’s books and young adult fiction books called A Colorful Balloon Ride, Lenny the Lizard And His Green Scarf, Girl Rise, Cracking the Happy Weight Code, and my haiku poetry book Spring Brings Summer.Continue reading “Zoe Life CCP Collaboration Author Spotlight”