Day 18 Affirmation

Hey my lovely followers! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start another week. Today’s affirmation is, “I will choose to be happy!” I have been prepping and preparing for one children’s book story-time I will have this month for my book called Lenny the Lizard and His Green ScarfContinue reading “Day 18 Affirmation”

Lenny the Lizard Quote

A quote to remind you from Lenny the Lizard that when the time is right you will succeed. You can check out my book by clicking the link “The fish will come when the time is right.”

Sarah Crossroads Gets Ready for Prom!

Sarah and Michelle go shopping for prom dresses at the Three Sisters Boutique. The Three Sisters Boutique has a variety of dresses ranging from short, frilly, and long. Sarah and her sister Michelle go looking for a prom dress with Kim, Hannah, Anna, and Michelle’s friends Caroline and Lacey. All of the girls got toContinue reading “Sarah Crossroads Gets Ready for Prom!”