Tell Yourself, “I Love You!”

Day 26’s affirmation is going to be telling yourself that “I love you.” Often times, we are too critical of ourselves and we want to put ourselves down. We want to pick on our freckles, wrinkles, curves, those annoying hairs we might see coming out from our chin, and our not so flat abs. TodayContinue reading “Tell Yourself, “I Love You!””

Love, Sex, & Dating

Alli Billings was goofing off on YouTube and listening to inspirational messages and sermons before she would go to bed and she stumbled across Love, Sex, & Dating from Andy Stanley. He had a four parts series called “The Right Person Myth,” “The Gentlemen’s Club,” “Designer Sex,” and “If I Were You.” When Alli listenedContinue reading “Love, Sex, & Dating”

How Did I Rise Up and Become A Victor After My First Break-up? & How You Can Too.

I was bitter as a three-week-old cat poo for four years. My pride and ego took off like a rocket. I didn’t want to ask others for help to help me get over my first break-up because I felt ashamed and didn’t want anyone to know my business. I was angry, pissed, sad, and depressedContinue reading “How Did I Rise Up and Become A Victor After My First Break-up? & How You Can Too.”

The Characters Behind Girl Rise

Annette, is Alli’s mom, a teacher by trade, who is fun, the life of the party, creative, outgoing, a fashion diva, and loves to make you laugh.Lawrence is Alli’s older brother, who is four years older than her, is disabled, and looks up to Alli. He has a big heart, loves cartoons, and learning newContinue reading “The Characters Behind Girl Rise”

Alli Billings’ from the Inside Out

Alli can brighten your day with her smile. She lives, she laughs, and she cries too. But she never gives up because she believes that life is beautiful and there is always hope. She is fire; beautiful to watch, but dangerous to mess with. She can’t be tamed, but she has unconditional love in herContinue reading “Alli Billings’ from the Inside Out”