Tell Yourself, “I Am Doing Enough.”

In life, we are all faced with challenges. We are faced with whether or not we will have a job the next day, whether our elderly ones will be around for the next five to ten years, whether or not we will have retirement, send our kids off to a good school that will educateContinue reading “Tell Yourself, “I Am Doing Enough.””

Day 21 Affirmation

Five years ago, I thought the whole world was going to cave in. I was a struggling college graduate, drowned in student loan debt, searching for love in all of the wrong places, and I just landed my second internship after graduating from college in 2013. I thought with all of my heart there wasContinue reading “Day 21 Affirmation”

Show Life and Yourself Some Love! A Gratitude Journal for Teens.

My gratitude journal that empowers teens to think positively about themselves, people, and life. The journal will assist teenagers in developing self-respect, a healthy body image, how to deal with drama, seeing the future in a positive way, and feeling confidence in knowing who you are! Lastly, it will encourage them to discover themselves andContinue reading “Show Life and Yourself Some Love! A Gratitude Journal for Teens.”