Days 10 and 11 Affirmations

Whew! Yesterday was busy celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom and family and friends and I didn’t get a chance to post day ten’s affirmation. We had a family friend to come over for lunch yesterday and we watched movies afterwards and drank coffee together. It was a good time honoring the mother’s in ourContinue reading “Days 10 and 11 Affirmations”

Lenny the Lizard Quote

A quote to remind you from Lenny the Lizard that when the time is right you will succeed. You can check out my book by clicking the link “The fish will come when the time is right.”

A Positive Word Starting with Your First Initial for 2020!

Happy New Year 2020! 🎊 🍾 🎆 I have noticed on social media that everyone is posting about a positive word they can carry into 2020 and I’ve decided to join in!! 🤩 My name is Allistar and so my word for 2020 is appreciate. What is one positive word I can carry into 2020Continue reading “A Positive Word Starting with Your First Initial for 2020!”