Freedom in Christ

Heavenly Father,You are my God and Savior. You are in control of our lives. I thank You that you are with me and will never leave me nor forsake me. You are an all-powerful and wise God. You are loving and caring in every way. I love and thank you that I am alive inContinue reading “Freedom in Christ”

Prayers for Feeling Insecure

Lord,Help me break free from insecurity. I acknowledge that I’ve listened to the voice of Satan more than I’ve paid attention to your truth. Lord, help me understand and know that I am loved and entirely made. Give me Your Spirit to help me see when I am listening to lies instead of Your truth.Continue reading “Prayers for Feeling Insecure”

Prayers and Scriptures to Cope with Grief

Psalm 31:9God,My heart is torn, my mind is in a daze. I am at a loss of words right now God. God, please help me keep track of my situation. Collect all of my tears in your hands and record each one in your book as I pour them out to you.-Amen Matthew 5:4Heavenly Father,IContinue reading “Prayers and Scriptures to Cope with Grief”