Quarantined Retail Therapy Event Author Schedule!

Here’s what my book schedule looks like for the rest of the week in the Quarantined Retail Therapy Event Facebook Group! May 27th-May 31st 2-3 pm EST Live! May 27th-Adult Story-time Girl Rise with uplifting prayers and scriptures. May 28th-Be Positive! A Positivity Journal for Adults. May 29th- Adult Story-time Cracking the Happy Weight CodeContinue reading “Quarantined Retail Therapy Event Author Schedule!”

Show Life and Yourself Some Love! A Gratitude Journal for Teens.

My gratitude journal that empowers teens to think positively about themselves, people, and life. The journal will assist teenagers in developing self-respect, a healthy body image, how to deal with drama, seeing the future in a positive way, and feeling confidence in knowing who you are! Lastly, it will encourage them to discover themselves andContinue reading “Show Life and Yourself Some Love! A Gratitude Journal for Teens.”