Tell Yourself, “I Am Doing Enough.”

In life, we are all faced with challenges. We are faced with whether or not we will have a job the next day, whether our elderly ones will be around for the next five to ten years, whether or not we will have retirement, send our kids off to a good school that will educateContinue reading “Tell Yourself, “I Am Doing Enough.””

Accepting Yourself Through My Latest Novel!

In my book Cracking the Happy Weight Code, I give reference to, 1 Corinthians 12:14-24 ESV, it contains scriptures about accepting yourself. When you allow yourself as you are, you can’t make room in your life for people that judge appearance. I have provided this verse so that it could apply to how you feelContinue reading “Accepting Yourself Through My Latest Novel!”

Underneath the Mess, I Am Good Enough

Dear God,I know I have fallen short.As a human being, I make mistakes.I am not perfect, and it might take me several times to learn from my mistake(s), but You are ever-present to pick up the mess I have made.While trying and trying again, I feel like I am not getting closer to my endContinue reading “Underneath the Mess, I Am Good Enough”