Messages to My Younger Self Release!!

Hello all! My latest book I co-authored with Carnelian Moon Publishing called Messages to My Younger Self I feature two chapters called Food Will Not Solve Your Problems and Quit Comparing Yourself to Others. I want to leave a legacy with my words to inspire others to have a healthy relationship with food and toContinue reading “Messages to My Younger Self Release!!”

Great Book for Teaching Kids to Help One Another is A Good Thing!

“First of all, absolutely beautiful water color illustrations! It was hard to take my eyes off to read! This story is really adorable. Its message of helping one another through the animals who all become friends as they help solve problems is a great lesson for kids to learn. This book is just that forContinue reading “Great Book for Teaching Kids to Help One Another is A Good Thing!”

Get Your Morning Started Right After Thanksgiving!

MOM’S ZUCCHINI BREAD  The week after Thanksgiving we are all mostly stuffed from eating turkey and dressing, ham, casseroles, bread, pies, cookies, cakes, and more. Here is a recipe to make for breakfast to recover from eating your Thanksgiving meal and goodies. “Really, really good аnd mоіѕt- my family eats іt аѕ ԛuісklу as IContinue reading “Get Your Morning Started Right After Thanksgiving!”